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A Guide to Growing Good Food Jobs in New York City

Executive Summary Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and Settlement Houses (SHs) strive to create strong, healthy communities that make it easier for their residents to find healthy affordable food and good jobs. To advance work on achieving these two goals, the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health [...]

A Guide to Growing Good Food Jobs in New York City2022-04-01T14:03:31-04:00

Ending Food Insecurity at CUNY

The Goal Ending Food Insecurity among CUNY Students by 2023 According to surveys of CUNY students, about 60,000 CUNY undergraduates –about one in four-- experience food insecurity,1 defined as not having enough resources to regularly get the food needed to maintain health.2 Hunger and food insecurity are among the most debilitating consequences of poverty. Not [...]

Ending Food Insecurity at CUNY2022-04-01T14:19:31-04:00

Expanding Immigrant Access to Food Benefits in New York City

For more than 50 years, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has helped millions of Americans to avoid hunger, improve their health and alleviate the consequences of poverty. Two other federal programs Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and School Food have for decades provided similar protections for pregnant women, new mothers and their young children [...]

Expanding Immigrant Access to Food Benefits in New York City2022-04-01T14:11:41-04:00

Food Policy in New York City Since 2008

Download Short Version Download Appendix Executive Summary For more than a century, New York City has led the nation in using the authority and resources of municipal government to make healthy food, that most basic of human needs, more available, affordable and safer for all city residents. In this report, the CUNY Urban Food Policy [...]

Food Policy in New York City Since 20082022-04-01T14:26:11-04:00

Making Food Policy in New York

Executive Summary In the last decade, New York City has created dozens of new food policies and programs to improve nutritional well-being, promote food security, create food systems that support community and economic development and achieve other important goals. These initiatives build on the city’s prior efforts to create healthier food environments and use existing and [...]

Making Food Policy in New York2022-04-01T14:37:52-04:00

Creating Healthy Food Access in a Changing Food Retail Sector

Over the past year, a series of closings has raised concerns about the prospects for traditional supermarkets in New York City. The bankruptcy of the 156 year-old A&P led to the liquidation of the company’s assets, which included 49 New York stores. The D’Agostino chain closed three of its supermarkets. At least two Associated Supermarkets [...]

Creating Healthy Food Access in a Changing Food Retail Sector2022-04-01T15:22:27-04:00

Eating in East Harlem

Download Executive Summary Download Appendices Introduction Since 2000, East Harlem has changed dramatically. New retail and housing developments are springing up on Third Avenue, 125th Street and along the East River. New populations are moving in, changing the demographic composition of the community. Since 2014, a new Mayor and City Council have made improving East [...]

Eating in East Harlem2022-04-01T15:12:40-04:00

Beyond Pathmark

Overview The closing of the Pathmark supermarket on 125th Street and Lexington Avenue makes it harder for the people of East Harlem to find healthy affordable food and raises important questions for the future of this community. In this policy brief, the New York City Food Policy Center at Hunter College describes the background for [...]

Beyond Pathmark2022-04-01T16:30:38-04:00

The Public Plate in New York City

Download Executive Summary Download Report Supplement Executive Summary Each year, ten New York City agencies serve an estimated 260 million meals, making the City one of the largest meal providers in the world. With the rising prevalence of diet related disease and mounting evidence of the crucial role of nutrition in determining health, interest has [...]

The Public Plate in New York City2022-04-01T15:42:00-04:00

Jobs for a Healthier Diet and a Stronger Economy

Download Executive Summary Download Report Only Across the city, state and nation, our food system is coming under new scrutiny for its impact on our health, economy and the environment. At the same time, our local and national economies face unacceptably high rates of persistent unemployment. Can developing new approaches to creating entry-level food jobs [...]

Jobs for a Healthier Diet and a Stronger Economy2022-04-01T15:42:51-04:00
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