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Collaboration is at the heart of our work at the CUNY Institute for Urban Food Policy.

It’s how we approach everything we do, in research, teaching, advocacy, and action.

We welcome the interest and participation of students, scholars, activists, and educators across CUNY and beyond. We partner with advocates, volunteers, community organizations, businesses, and governments.

See our available employment and internship opportunities.

Interested in Our Work?

Then we’re interested in you. Reach out to learn about all the different ways you can engage with us: urbanfoodpolicy@sph.cuny.edu


Fellowship Programs

Our fellowship programs provide funding for CUNY faculty and students to spend one or two semesters at the Institute, during which senior faculty will assist them in developing research projects and proposals, or they can contribute to existing work of Institute faculty and staff.

Doctoral Student Fellowship Program

Our Doctoral Student Fellowship Program launched in Fall 2016. Students are invited to apply to receive a stipend to participate in Institute research projects or to develop a dissertation research project of their own, with the support of Institute faculty and staff.

Ongoing Fieldwork & Research

We welcome graduate students who wish to pursue fieldwork placements, capstone projects, Masters essays, or dissertation projects in food policy or food justice. Our institute can provide a home for food policy research conducted by CUNY students as well as students from institutions across the city and the world. Stipends are often available.

If you would like to learn more about conducting research with us, write to us at urbanfoodpolicy@sph.cuny.edu.


Submit your information, letters of intent (LOIs), and supporting documents through the link provided below. For inquiries, contact craig.willingham@sph.cuny.edu


The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute, part of the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, is dedicated to informing food policies for cities and urban regions. Our focus is on ensuring equal access to nutritious and affordable food, connecting it with health, racial equity, community sustainability, and workforce value.

We are currently accepting LOIs from students for 2024 spring, summer, and fall internships. Your LOI should address one of our research areas. If you’re interested in a food policy topic not listed, include it in your LOI. The application deadline is March 7, 2024. We will evaluate applications in early March and notify selected candidates by March 31st, 2024.


Food Policy Monitor/Regional Food Equity Planning

We analyze food policy trends and regional food planning at various government levels. Learn more here.

Food Labor and Workforce Development

Our research includes food worker compensation and working conditions. Learn more here.

Unhealthy Food/Predatory Marketing/Ultra-processed food

We examine unhealthy food marketing, formulation, and impact. Learn more here.

Food Security

Our research includes campus food security, and SNAP/WIC expansion. Learn more here.

Food Advocacy

We research participatory practices in food planning and policymaking. Learn more here.

Food Policy Communications

Our work includes disseminating food policy information via newsletters, forums, and social media. Learn more here.

Food Program Evaluation

Our work includes evaluating program implementation and the impact of food-focused organizations. Learn more here.


You can propose a different topic in your LOI.

How to apply

Fill out the form at the link below and use it to upload your LOI and resume. https://forms.gle/8hzT61imywL3ddpM6

LOI Guidelines:

Your LOI is limited to 500 words and should include:

· Your interest in interning with the Institute.

· Your chosen topic area and its interest to you.

· How the internship aligns with your academic and career objectives.