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Youth Countermarketing Convening

Above: image for a Youth Countermarketing Campaign Designed by Youth Educators for East Harlem On October 27, 2016, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute held its first Youth Countermarketing Convening which brought together organizations, groups, and individuals across NYC that lead youth food justice programs and/or that are interested in creating or expanding youth food countermarketing [...]

Youth Countermarketing Convening2022-07-26T12:09:33-04:00

CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum on Food and the 2016 Election

Most observers of the 2016 election would agree that to date food and food policy has not been a front burner issue. But are there other top tier election issues that could provide an opening for food advocates—climate change and energy policy, trade policy, income inequality and minimum wage, the role of government in safety [...]

CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum on Food and the 2016 Election2022-07-24T03:18:03-04:00
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