On, July 24, 2017, the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute held the first training session of its Countermarketing Staff Training Program (CSTP). The CSTP was developed to train staff at youth-serving organizations in New York City to launch food countermarketing initiatives that engage youth. Food countermarketing describes activities that decrease the consumption of unhealthy food and beverages. Food countermarketing activities go against or oppose the marketing of unhealthy products. Nineteen NYC based youth-serving organizations, and one youth-serving organization based in Beacon, NY were represented at the training.

During “Food Countermarketing 101” participants:

  • Reviewed marketing strategies of Big Food companies
  • Discussed the effects of unhealthy food marketing on the health of youth
  • Defined and discussed food countermarketing
  • Explored youth food countermarketing initiatives
  • Engaged in a countermarketing messaging development session

In Case You Missed It

Due to overwhelming demand we’ll be holding another “Countermarketing 101” session later this year.

You can also watch training here:

Get involved

We welcome organizations and individuals that are interested in launching food countermarketing initiatives that engage youth to attend the second-run of the CSTP training and to join our NYC Youth Food Countermarketing Network. To be updated about the next round of the CSTP and to join the countermarketing network, please contact Charita Johnson at Charita.Johnson@sph.cuny.edu.

Support for this project is provided through a grant from the Levitt Foundation.

Additional Readings

Download the Youth Food Educators Toolkit.