Advancing Food Justice at CUNY

With 500,000 degree and non-degree students, more than 100 degree programs at every academic level based on 25 campuses throughout the city, and 40,000 teaching and support staff, CUNY has the potential to be a catalyst for promoting food justice in New York City and beyond.

With thousands of students passionate about food justice; dozens of scholars who study food policy, nutrition, and health; and more than 30 degree programs in food-related disciplines, CUNY educates more current and future workers for New York City’s food sector than any other institution. The Institute prepares CUNY students, faculty, and staff to become lifetime advocates for a healthier, more equitable and sustainable food system for New York.


The Fellowship provides continued training and opportunities for participation in food-centered civic engagement to young adults between the ages of 18-25. The program exposes fellows to various food justice career pathways and opportunities, providing them with mentorship and training. Fellows leave the program better equipped for lifetime activism and careers in food, food justice and related fields.


  • Brotherhood Sister Sol
  • Farm School NYC
  • East New York Farms
This program focuses on SNAP outreach and enrollment across the 25 CUNY campuses. The goal of this project is to support CUNY schools in aligning their SNAP outreach and enrollment activities while continuing to make progress in reducing food insecurity among their students.


  • Hope Center for College
  • Community and Justice at Temple University
  • Young Invincibles
  • Office of CUNY Dean for Health and Human Service

The Institute is facilitating a student-led movement to do away with restrictive contracts that encourage purchase of unhealthy products. These agreements limit the freedom of student communities to create healthier food and beverage environments on CUNY and SUNY campuses.


  • Center For Science In the Public Interest
  • SUNY students, staff, and faculty
  • CUNY students, staff, and faculty

The Institute is developing CUNY courses on food security, food justice and food advocacy. These classes are intended to expand the food policy academic offerings across CUNY campuses and to provide students with new opportunities for experiential learning.


  • CUNY students, staff and faculty
The Collaboratory brings together dozens of CUNY scholars and professionals doing food work to share their work, develop collaborative projects and expand their teaching on food justice.


  • CUNY students, staff, and faculty