Many organizations involved in food access, policy, and education are creating and providing valuable resources to help people navigate through the pandemic. These resources are geared towards a wide variety of audiences, whether it be individuals seeking food assistance, teachers/educators involved in nutrition education, or small farmers and business owners trying to stay afloat. To help with searching out what may be most useful to your individual needs, CUNY has developed a database searchable by different criteria that compiles a representative sample of resources, websites, and tools that various organizations have created or made available in light of the pandemic. The database was developed by Institute collaborator Yvette Ng, under the direction of Katy Tomaino Fraser, Director of Evaluation and can be found here.

By Yvette Ng, Institute Collaborator, and Katherine Tomaino Fraser, Director of Evaluation, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

Note: Content for the database was compiled over a two-week period ending April 24th, and therefore does not include any resources that may have been developed since that time.

Full Database

COVID-19 Food-Related Resources