On February 7th, 2017 a candidate forum was held for the open City Council District 9 seat vacated by Council Member Inez Dickens.

The event was organized by Uptown Grand Central/New Harlem East Merchants Association and supported by many community and media partner organizations and residents, who submitted questions and packed the room.

Because access to healthy affordable food is a major concern, especially in neighborhoods like Harlem where development is increasing rents and changing the face of retail, we wanted to know: what will you do, as City Council representative for District 9, to expand access to affordable, healthy food for your constituents?

Thanks to powerhouse Carey King at NHEMA/Uptown Grand Central for organizing this event.

The special election will be held on February 14th.

ICYMI: Visit uptowngrandcentral.org to watch the recorded livestream and media interviews with the candidates and to find your poll site!

New York City Council District 9 candidates pose for a photo with forum organizers, September 7, 2017.