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In this session, key New York City food policy makers will present the City’s newly released first ever 10-Year Food Policy Plan “Food Forward NYC” and will be joined by fellow food policy leaders from other cities to reflect on the next steps in the plan implementation and key lessons from similar policies being implemented elsewhere. The goal is to identify meaningful strategies that can deepen and strengthen food governance throughout the plan implementation and help the city make progress in advancing the plan’s vision for a more racially and economically equitable, sustainable, and healthy food system for all New Yorkers.

Guest speakers and contributors

  • Kate MacKenzie, Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy
  • Mandu Sen, Interim Deputy Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy
  • Dylaney Bouwman, NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy
  • Holly Freishtat, Baltimore City Food Policy Director, Food Policy & Planning Division, Department of Planning, City of Baltimore
  • Ronnell Hampton, Policy Manager, LA Food Policy Council
  • Diana Johnson, Health Research Specialist, Toronto Food Strategy Team, Toronto Public Health, City of Toronto

Special guest in the audience

  • Christine Tran, Executive Director, LA Food Policy Council


  • Craig Willingham, Deputy Director, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute
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